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New security training videos that will help build security culture
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New security training videos that will help build security culture

Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir
5 min read ∙ May 11, 2021

We are constantly adding new security training videos to help admins build a strong security culture within the workplace. To do that you need to warn employees of current threats and teach them good cybersecurity habits

One of the biggest risks when it comes to data safety is insider threat. This can refer to malicious employees and spies who want to harm the workplace by leaking or stealing information. But it can also refer to employees who make mistakes due to lack of knowledge and training. You could say that every security training video revolved around insider threat and the protection of sensitive data. 

Here’s a description of our new videos. You can check them out in our learning management software.

Security Culture

New security awareness training video about security culture in the workplace. A woman's hand picking up an unknown usb drive

This security training video is an affirming reminder that everyone can do their part when it comes to cybersecurity. Good habits, caring for the workplace and your coworkers and willingness to help out is all you need. It can be as simple as warning your coworkers when you realize that a phishing email is making the rounds. Or when you notice that they are doing something risky. It can also be about safeguarding the workplace from unauthorized people trying to get in. Or carrying the message of cybersecurity awareness to others. The message of the video is that anyone can be a hero, because not all heroes wear capes.

Insider threat

New security video about insider threat. A woman looks suspicious of coworker's behavior.

Most often insider threat stems from unaware employees who make honest mistakes. This can be remedied by good cybersecurity training and awareness. Implementing this training and awareness is the responsibility of the workplace. Unfortunately, insider threat also refers to employees or former employees who willingly steal or leak information. There can be many reasons for such behavior, from threats and debts to real life industrial espionage. Our security training video about insider threat focuses on the vigilance of aware employees. The people who may notice that their coworkers are accessing, downloading, moving, or deleting data from the workplace’s servers. Our video encourages them to report such incidences to help protect the workplace.

Double-check before you trust

A new security awareness training video about online impersonation. A woman puts on a wig.

We already have a security training video that features this cyber risk. Our new video is a bit more “on the nose”. It gets the same message across very clearly. You should double-check strange requests, new account numbers and any transactional requests that could have a big impact on your company. Even if they look like they come from someone you know and trust. Someone could be impersonating a trusted person through their email.

But why create a new video on the same subject? Well, first and foremost because there is no overtelling a good story. Security awareness is about habits and habits come from regular reminders. We are nothing if not thorough! Secondly because our first training video has gotten a few comments. Some people think it’s a bit too risqué for professional settings. It features a couple that is dancing pretty intimately. The older edition is artistic for sure and depicts how one person studies and inserts themselves into familiar moves. But that is our conceptual take on how cyber criminals can take over email conversations. 

Home Wifi (Holiday Edition)

A new cybersecurity training video about secure home wifi. A woman wearing a Santa's hat sits outside a decorated house in a dark car while connecting to unsecured wifi on computer.

Every year we create a holiday edition for one security issue and publish as a Holiday greeting through our social media channels. Last Christmas we gave you our new video on securing the home WiFi, dressed in Holiday cheer. Now it’s available to our clients in 11 languages (more will be added soon) and with additional reading and quiz. If you’re a training admin we recommend saving this one for December.

Stay tuned for more security training videos

AwareGO regularly creates and releases new security awareness training videos. Our videos are, if we may say so ourselves, the best in the business. They feature real actors instead of animated characters. They are short and have a sense of humor. And best of all, they don’t lecture or shame. We are currently putting the final touches on six more security awareness training videos to be released shortly. We will be featuring more cyber risks, such as social media sharing, online shopping, working from home, office security and personal USB drives.

AwareGO’s training ethos is all about positivity and empowerment. We believe this is a crucial part to any security awareness training program. Our security awareness training videos give employees real life examples of cyber risks and empower them to behave correctly when faced with similar situations.

Thumbnails of security awareness training videos by AwareGO.

Every security training video module comes with additional reading materials and a quiz at the end to drive the message home.

If you want to check out our latest videos you can sign up for a free trial of our security awareness training solution and platform. No credit card or commitment needed.

Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir
5 min read ∙ May 11, 2021

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