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4 New Human Cyber Security Videos: Stay Safe Working From Home
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4 New Human Cyber Security Videos: Stay Safe Working From Home

Sindri Bergmann
4 min read ∙ Nov 11, 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Unattended Computer
  2. Insider Threat
  3. Online Shopping
  4. Personal USB Drives

Working from home is the new normal, and it comes with its perks and flexibility. However, we also need to rethink online risks when working away from the office. In our micro-learning human cyber security awareness videos we cover the mundane working from home risks. These risks can lead to potential data leaks or loss. The videos show why our personal space also requires good human cyber security habits.

Working From Home Risk: Unattended Computer

When working from home or in a café, keeping your computer safe and locked is very important. One of our latest videos addresses the issue of leaving the company computer unattended. This could have unfortunate consequences.

This human cyber security training video takes on the mundane and casual working from home environment. We all love it, but there are risks involved that we don’t think about. For example, that darn cat spilling a drink over the laptop, causing data loss. Or a child somehow getting into an unlocked computer and causing disruption. Or even someone using the computer for playing and ignoring security notifications. Creating a clear distinction between work and play is essential, especially when working from home is the new norm.

Working From Home Risk: Insider Threat

Continuing with the theme of working from home, we address a significant issue of redefining insider threats. When working from home, we need to be extra careful with data and documents. Our living rooms are now all at once, a meeting room, our office and where we keep our documents. Those who have access to it may not consider the importance of confidentiality. At least not like an employee with proper training and awareness would. Leaking important information and data, either on purpose or accidentally, is a threat that needs to be considered when working from home.

Working From Home Risk: Online Shopping

Taking care when shopping online is one of the things that are personal – but also part of everyday working life. We may think that the risk involved is either buying thin air or goods that don’t resemble the photo. The real risk is that fraudsters can gain access to our information. It can be our log-in information, passwords or credit card information.

This data, in turn, can be re-utilized by cybercriminals to gain access to even more vulnerable systems. Our human cyber security video raises awareness on the importance of researching and using reputable online shopping or booking services. It is designed to keep the message of avoiding scams top of mind. Regardless if it is in our personal life or at work.

Watch this video on YouTube.

A couple sits on living room sofa in front of laptop ordering something online. Still from human cyber security awareness video about online shopping risks.

Working From Home Risk: Personal USB drives

If the blurry line between the workplace and home was not enough, the blurry line between personal and professional devices is something we need to clarify. In high-risk environments, as most businesses are, one of the ways to transfer ransomware or viruses between places is via USB drives. Our home devices are not necessarily as up-to-date or protected with firewalls and anti-virus software as our corporate-issued devices. Those extra layers of protection are sometimes necessary, but when using personal devices and corporate devices interchangeably, the line becomes blurry. And easy to infiltrate. 

Distorted image of a computer screen in an office setting. The screen is showing a red malware warning. Still from human cyber security awareness video about working from home risk and USB drives.

When the Workplace is Home

Work has changed and we need to take that into serious consideration. It happened fast, but it’s not going away. Our four new episodes explore the diversity of working from home risks from a perspective that perhaps isn’t obvious. Not the least because we are just now getting the whole picture. 

Staying cyber secure isn’t just a matter of a single-use password or several technological solutions that we already have. Instead, it is a question of awareness and understanding of how security works. It’s about behavior, knowledge, and awareness – and so much more. 

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Sindri Bergmann
4 min read ∙ Nov 11, 2021

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