NEW — Managed cybersecurity services

Managed services for human risk assessment and security awareness training

Managed services for human risk assessment and security awareness training

Achieving compliance and full cybersecurity preparedness requires experts, tools and time.

AwareGO’s managed cybersecurity services help assess the current state of human risk and security awareness within your organization and ensure a sustainable cyber-behavior change.

Tailor-made assessment, training and management programs aligned with your organization’s unique needs and challenges.

Advanced proprietary tools built and designed by cybersecurity and behavioral experts for modern workplaces and workforce.

Continuous support and reporting to keep you and your management up-to-date and making cybersecurity an integral part of your corporate culture.

Experienced and certified cybersecurity experts are the guarantee of the best guidance and insights.

Understanding and mitigating human risk is paramount in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Our experts will assess your employees’ and contractors’ knowledge of cybersecurity threats and best practices
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We will analyze key behaviors in multiple threat areas, evaluate the resilience of each department or team, and provide insights into your cybersecurity posture.


Every team and individual is unique, so our experts will create customized risk profiles, training programs and implementation plans.

Our experts are here to assist you

Our commitment is to stand by you, ensuring your progress.



What makes AwareGO different?

We don’t rely on static questionnaires. Instead we tailor assessments to your organization with relatable scenarios that mimic the cyber-risks people face every day.

We don’t rely on long lectures or cartoons. We leverage engaging and memorable micro-learning modules with short, story-driven videos that engage employees and improve knowledge retention.

Instead of measuring just one or two threat areas, such as phishing or USB handling, we measure multiple threat areas with nuanced details to select the right mitigation tool for your organization.



“We were able to identify very specific areas where we needed to educate our teams on cybersecurity. We also identified gaps between knowledge and behavior in everyday business.”
Nikolay Betov
Former Information Security Governance and Awareness Lead at Mondelēz International


More affordable than hiring a team

Our pricing is based on the size of your organization and the products and services you want to use.

Works with existing solutions

Our tools are built to integrate with phishing simulation, attack surface management, SIEM, MSSP and LMS platforms

Recognized by leading cyber players

Deloitte, PwC, TrendMicro, Cofense and Global Learning System are among companies leveraging our methodologies and tools

Recognized by Gartner

Named Representative Vendor in the 2021 and 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training

Recognized by industry-leading authorities

We are proud to keep earning recognition from industry-leading authorities — SC Awards, Telly Awards and more

How to get started

You and your employees are going to love AwareGO. It’s a modern, cloud-based system for managing human risk, from assessment to remediation. We’ve made it super easy — schedule your first assessment or training in minutes.

Get started for free and give it a go right now.

You’ll love the way AwareGO can fit into your existing infrastructure. Our robust APIs, widgets, and content available in SCORM format make sure that the integration is seamless. We also integrate with Active Directory, Google Workspace, and popular tools like Slack and Teams.

Contact us and our experts will recommend the best way to integrate.

Upgrade your cybersecurity business by adding human risk management to your existing portfolio of services. Increase your deal size by leveraging Human Risk Assessment or offering Security Awareness Training to your current customers and creating a new revenue stream.

Contact us to become an AwareGO partner, and we will support you every step of the way.

Join top companies worldwide in the mission to make workplaces cyber-safe

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