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Elevate Your Cybersecurity: Introducing AwareGO’s Managed Cybersecurity Services...
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Elevate Your Cybersecurity: Introducing AwareGO’s Managed Cybersecurity Services 

Sindri Bergmann
4 min read ∙ Oct 31, 2023

Human risk is often overlooked as a part of an organization’s cybersecurity. That means the focus is all on the technical solutions but not on the employees. The sad truth is that it only takes one uninformed employee to set a full-blown cyber-attack in motion. To address this critical issue, AwareGO now introduces fully managed cybersecurity services. Read on to find out why your organizations should seize this opportunity to fortify its defenses.

The Challenge of Human Risk Management

Human Risk Management and mitigation can be a time-consuming endeavor, often sidelined due to a lack of manpower. Organizations struggle to keep up with the ever-shifting threat landscape and the need to foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness. This is where AwareGO steps in, offering a comprehensive, cloud-based solution to tackle human risk head-on.

Human risk manager explaining AwareGO's resilience score and components: phishing, sensitive data, passwords, physical security, flexible working). AwareGO's managed cybersecurity services can work like this.

Assess, Interpret, and Transform: AwareGO’s Approach

Our mission with the Managed Cybersecurity Services is clear: assess the current state of security awareness and culture within your organization and catalyze a sustainable behavior change through training and nudging.

1. In-Depth Risk Assessments by Experts:

AwareGO’s security experts delve into the intricacies of your employees’ knowledge and behavior regarding cybersecurity using the Human Risk Assessment. They interpret the results and identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

2. Tailored Training Campaigns:

We understand that every organization is unique. AwareGO’s recommendations for awareness and training campaigns are not solely based on departmental resilience scores. Instead, we take a holistic approach, factoring in variables such as departmental access to data and systems, email volume, remote working practices, and company-wide mitigating factors like the adoption of multi-factor authentication, password managers, antivirus software, and various policies.

3. Personalized Training for Maximum Impact:

AwareGO’s managed cybersecurity services ensures that the right training reaches the right people within your organization. This personalized approach maximizes the effectiveness of cybersecurity training, making it relevant and engaging for employees.

4. Continuous Improvement and Cultural Integration:

Our goal is not just to provide a one-time training but to foster a continuous culture of cybersecurity within your organization. We believe that cybersecurity should be an integral part of any company’s ethos. AwareGO’s Managed Cybersecurity Service helps to make cybersecurity a natural and ingrained aspect of your corporate culture.

5. Empowering Security Ambassadors:

AwareGO goes a step further by allowing your organization to appoint security ambassadors. These individuals receive specialized security training, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to guide and mentor their colleagues. Security ambassadors play a crucial role in spreading awareness and reinforcing cybersecurity practices throughout your organization.

AwareGO human risk assessment and phishing simulation report shown on computer screen. This could be indicative of a security expert from AwareGO's managed cybersecurity services delivering a report.

Why Choose AwareGO’s Managed Cybersecurity Services?

Comprehensive Expertise: Our security experts bring unparalleled knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that your organization receives the best guidance.

Customized Solutions: We tailor our recommendations and training to align with your organization’s specific needs and challenges.

Continuous Support: AwareGO is committed to long-term success. We provide ongoing support, ensuring that your cybersecurity program remains robust and up-to-date.

Cultural Integration: We don’t just focus on compliance; we aim to make cybersecurity an integral part of your company culture, reducing human risk proactively.

Security Ambassadors: The option to appoint security ambassadors empowers your employees to become advocates for cybersecurity within your organization.

Plan for a Bright Digital Future

AwareGO’s Managed Cybersecurity Services represents a significant step forward in addressing the often-underestimated human element of cybersecurity risk. By entrusting your organization’s security awareness to our experts, you not only protect your valuable assets but also create a resilient and cyber-aware workforce. Take this opportunity to elevate your cybersecurity defenses and make cybersecurity a part of your organizational DNA with AwareGO’s comprehensive and personalized approach. Your organization’s digital future deserves nothing less.

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Sindri Bergmann
4 min read ∙ Oct 31, 2023

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