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4 New Languages and Training Modules Added To Increase Accessibility
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4 New Languages and Training Modules Added To Increase Accessibility

Sindri Bergmann
3 min read ∙ May 29, 2020

Cyber security awareness training is essential anywhere in the world. However, if it’s not available in your client’s or employee’s language, it will most likely not give excellent results. That’s why we’re working hard to add more languages to our portfolio. We’ve now added 4 new languages and training modules to our cyber security program: Norwegian, German, French and Spanish.

Awareness Training In Your Own Language

AwareGO’s cyber security training is now available with voice-over and additional materials in English (both UK and US), Icelandic, Danish, German, Norwegian, French, and Spanish. Our training software and videos are fully available in all these languages. Additionally, we offer Polish and Chinese Mandarin subtitles for all our videos. We also have select videos available with Finnish and Bosnian subtitles. More languages are on the drawing board for 2020. We are always looking to our clients and partners to see where our training is most needed.

Security Awareness Training by AwareGO is an individual task. When we don’t meet the end users at their own language the message does not resonate as well with them. We’ve selected the languages most commonly spoken in the western hemisphere but are looking to expand beyond our “realm” and into the east. We’ve added four new languages and training modules to our current cyber security training program. This will allow us to continue on our mission to make cyber security awareness easier, more affordable, and more fun for everyone involved.

Continuous Cyber Security Training Is Key

Because security awareness training is a continuous effort the training materials need to be versatile. For that reason, we add new languages and training modules regularly. This week we added four new modules to our portfolio:

  • Stakeout: Don’t present industrial secrets or other sensitive information if they can potentially be seen from outside the office. There will always be people interested in knowing what your company is up to.
Still from a new security awareness training module called Stakeout.
  • Password manager: To protect your important on-line accounts it’s necessary to use different passwords and user names. A password manager can help you remember your passwords and keep them safe.
Still from new security awareness training module about Online PDF makers
  • Online PDF makers: Converting documents to a PDF format is not everyone’s strong suit and many use Online PDF converters to help with the process. That is risky at best as some of them create a copy for themselves and even send a hefty invoice to the workplace as the service is only free for individual use.
Still from new security awareness training module about Passphrases
  • Passphrases: The longer the password, the more difficult it is to hack or guess… and also, unfortunately, to remember. Passphrases are a way to create long secure passwords using multiple short words that are easy to remember.
Still from new security awareness training module called Passphrases.

To make continuous training easier for our clients we always add our latest videos with new languages and training modules to a ready-made training program called “All the latest”. That way they can continue training employees that have already went through the other modules and keep them up to date.

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Sindri Bergmann
3 min read ∙ May 29, 2020

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