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Cybersecurity For Dummies, AwareGO Special Edition
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Cybersecurity For Dummies, AwareGO Special Edition

Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir
6 min read ∙ Oct 1, 2020

We are truly excited to announce that it’s finally here: The AwareGO special edition of Cybersecurity For Dummies! A whole book dedicated to cybersecurity, written by our experts but in a simple way for non-techies and techies alike. And you can sign up for a free download right here!

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About Cybersecurity For Dummies

At AwareGO it is our goal to make the world a more cybersecure place. To achieve that we believe that people must be made aware of the risks. By creating engaging security awareness training content we help businesses around the world create a security culture within their business. We help them turn regular employees into a cybersecurity task-force that is ready and able to navigate the internet without falling into its traps.

Renowned security experts Ragnar Sigurdsson and dr. Maria Bada came together to create a handy cybersecurity guide for all companies, and even individuals. This book is for all who want to make their business or home a more cybersecure place. This guide is: The AwareGO special edition of Cybersecurity For Dummies.

Maria Bada, Cybersecurity expert an author of Cybersecurity For Dummies, AwareGO Special Edition
Maria Bada, PhD, is a research associate at the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre and focuses on the human factor in cybercrime.

“Currently, we are living in a time of crisis, relying on the Internet more than ever before. Therefore, now is the time to take measures to safeguard and protect businesses against online threats. Promoting cybersecurity awareness to all users of the Internet is vital. An organisation’s strongest assets are the employees. The human factor, the people, can therefore determine how resilient an organization is.”

Maria Bada
Ragnar Sigurdsson CEO and founder of AwareGO
Ragnar Sigurdsson, CISSP and AwareGO CEO, is a former penetration tester who’s specialized in cybersecurity training of people.

“Cyber attacks can crush small and medium size companies and severely damage large enterprises. Minimizing these risks as much as possible must therefore be mission critical to all organisations. It is my mission to help businesses become more cyber secure. To help them turn their employees into a cybersecurity task force. This book is one step towards this mission. It has the information that all organisations need to get started, and is written in a simple language that everyone can understand.”

Ragnar Sigurdsson

Why Should You Read This Book?

Cybersecurity should be an essential part of any organization’s culture. Cybersecurity For Dummies, AwareGO Special Edition, has everything you need to know about cybersecurity in one place. It will take you through the key elements of cybersecurity and how to maintain it.

Employees watching entertaining security awareness training at their desk

From the dawn of the Internet, thieves, aka hackers, have been taking advantage of the multiple possibilities it offers to do crime. Despite technical advances when it comes to virus protection, firewalls and other guarding methods businesses use for their systems, hackers are still getting through. How? We simply let them in the front door. Therefore a big part of all cybersecurity measures must be the education and security awareness training of employees.

What to Expect from Cybersecurity For Dummies

Cybersecurity For Dummies, AwareGO Special Edition, is a crash course in cybersecurity. It tells you how to implement cybersecurity within a company setting. It touches on all the major aspects of cybersecurity and data protection. In addition, it is a guide to better understand human behavior online.

This book will give readers a basic understanding of both the technical aspects of cybersecurity and the human factor. It explains how cyber security awareness training is the best way to minimize cyber risks due to human error and why companies should invest in their employee’s training. The book has a list of the most common methods hackers use to get into systems. It also explains what tools administrators can use and offer to their employees to alleviate the risk of that happening.

Who is Cybersecurity For Dummies For?

Hand holding Cybersecurity For Dummies, AwareGO Special edition book up on white background

Cybersecurity For Dummies, AwareGO Special Edition was written to be a guide for all cybersecurity-related matters. It is for the techies and the technically challenged alike. You should read this book if you are:

  • a CISO, IT manager or DPO in charge of implementing technical security measures at your company
  • HR manager looking for insight and understanding of social engineering and the human factor
  • A manager who deals with a remote workforce and a general shift in the workforce culture
  • a regular employee who wants to know more about cybersecurity and how to be more cybersecure in your work
  • an MSP or an MSSP looking for additional tools and resources in your everyday work (find out more about our Partner program and get a free copy of our e-book here)
  • a small or medium sized business owner or manager who want’s to know more about how to keep your company safe. If you have time to read only one book, choose this one!

Where Can I Buy Cybersecurity for Dummies?

You won’t find Cybersecurity For Dummies, AwareGO Special Edition in regular bookstores or on Amazon… but we have good news! You can download a copy of the e-book for free! Go to our Cybersecurity For Dummies landing page and sign up for a free copy. It will only take you a minute.

Security Awareness Training for Dummies

Cybersecurity for Dummies, AwareGO special edition categories and themes

To celebrate the launch of our new e-book and the start of October, which is CyberSecurity Awareness Month, we are promoting a free trial of a training program called Security Awareness Training for Dummies. This free training program gives you the chance to try out our new training platform and security awareness videos. The security awareness training for dummies program covers some of the easiest ways hackers use to trick people, gain access and steal information. Fortunately, these risks are often easy to fight. All we need is to be aware of them and change risky behaviors.

Security Awareness for Dummies training program goes well with Cybersecurity For Dummies e-book

This new training course ties nicely in with the general idea behind our new e-book: providing basic information to non-techies and techies alike. To “tech” things up a little bit we added a video about VPN and connecting to unknown WiFi networks since people tend to be out of the office a lot these days.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free copy of Cybersecurity For Dummies, AwareGO Special Edition today. If you can’t wait to get started on cybersecurity at your office, sign up for our free Security Awareness Training for Dummies trial too.

Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir
6 min read ∙ Oct 1, 2020

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