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Get The Best Security Awareness Program For Your Needs
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Get The Best Security Awareness Program For Your Needs

Sindri Bergmann
5 min read ∙ Mar 19, 2021

Cyber security awareness training and education is not an easy task and it is never done. Even if you find the best security awareness program you still need to plan the training, select which groups need it and reinvent it every year to keep engagement up. You can’t do too much of it or people will get training fatigue, and you can’t do to little or people won’t be aware of the risks. We’re here to help with the best security awareness program!

Employees enjoying the best cyber security awareness training program.

AwareGO’s best security awareness program and training platform is designed to empower people to become more cyber secure in their behavior and thinking. To minimize guesswork on behalf of SAT admins and champions we create the best security awareness programs for training on important cybersecurity topics within our platform. We also have a way to measure the effect of cyber security training and do phishing simulations in a new, innovative and empowering way..

Both our videos and ready-made security awareness training programs are designed and curated by experts in cyber security and human behavior. They not only make the work easier for those in charge of training but also emphasize and bring the employees’ attention to the latest threats in their everyday work and private life.

We regularly add and update the ready-made security awareness training programs on our platform.

The Best Security Awareness Program On Phishing

Phishing is the number one risk when it comes to cybersecurity. Over 90% of all successful cyber-attacks start with some kind of phishing email. The best security awareness program for training on phishing includes 12 training lessons, each one with a video, additional reading materials and a quiz at the end. The training program teaches people to recognize phishing emails and being vigilant when it comes to all emails and attachments. It covers phishing, vishing, spear phishing, CEO scams, spyware, attachments, MS Office related threats and more.

Phishing email on smart phone as part of the best cyber security awareness training program for phishing.

The total duration of the security awareness training program for phishing is 13 minutes. We recommend delivering it over 4-6 weeks.

AwareGO also offers reinforcement materials for added cybersecurity in the workplace. We have the cybersecurity posters and stickers to help you advertise any current training campaign. There’s also AwareGO’s School of Phish, a booklet that highlights the seasonal phishing techniques that hackers use to trick people. All our reinforcement materials are available for free.

Training program tip: You can deliver the lessons of this training program once a week for a duration of 12 weeks if you worry about training fatigue.

The Best Security Awareness Program For Data Leaks

Data leaks can happen due to malicious insiders that leak data willingly. However, most data leaks happen accidentally. Fortunately, you can train people to minimize the risk of accidental data leaks. This training program focuses on precisely that and raises awareness on how data can leak out as well as the need to report every incident. It includes 22 training lessons and covers physical and removable media, online document converters, data handling, printing, dumpster diving and much more.

Still from Data Leaks video. Part of the best cyber security awareness training program for data leaks.

The total duration of the security awareness training program for data leaks is 28 minutes. We recommend delivering it over 7-11 weeks.

Training program tip: Before starting any training program introduce the concept of cyber security to people and explain why it’s needed. It’s not just business information that could leak out but personal information about employees too.

The Best Security Awareness Program for Online Shopping

Security awareness does not just revolve around work at the office or at home. Every employee has a life outside work and this can affect their personal as well as the workplace’s cyber security. People will shop online and have their private social media pages.

Help them become more cybersecure in all aspects of their lives by teaching them how to recognize cyber scams. If they are confident in recognizing them while browsing and shopping online they will create good cybersecurity habits. These habits will follow into their work-life too.

Man orders online indicating the best cyber security awareness training program for online shopping.

The security awareness training program for online shopping includes seven training lessons and only takes eight minutes to complete. We recommend delivering it over 2-3 weeks.

Training program tip: Supplement the training with AwareGO’s checklist for cyber secure online shopping. It’s also a good idea to start this training shortly before the biggest online shopping season starts.

More Ready-Made Training Programs

Within AwareGO’s training platform you will find over 20 ready-made security awareness training programs. We’ve curated our training videos and content to fit the needs of training admins. Among the training programs we have are “For new employees”, “For executives”, “Cybersecurity Compliance”, “Working from home” and industry relevant programs such as “For Hospitality” and “For finance”.

Our customers can also create their own custom training programs by choosing from our library of cyber security videos. Our cyber security videos are now available in 13 languages and more will be added soon. We add new videos regularly to keep up with the latest risks and trends. You can read about our latest cybersecurity videos here.

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Sindri Bergmann
5 min read ∙ Mar 19, 2021

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