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How GDPR Compliance Helps Protect Against Cyber Security Attacks
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How GDPR Compliance Helps Protect Against Cyber Security Attacks

Ragnar Sigurðsson
3 min read ∙ May 16, 2019

Did you think GDPR compliance was done at your company once you got your mailing-list subscribers to opt-in? Or once you fixed a few things on your website?

Learn how GDPR compliance helps organisations protect themselves against cyber attacks. From now on, it is your organisation’s duty to protect any and all personal information you client or subscriber might give you. Furthermore, you must implement certain data protection principles within your company.

GDPR is in effect everywhere in the EU. It also applies to every organization that does business with citizens of the EU. According to the GDPR, any company that handles personal data of any kind (be it a European company or non-EU company handling EU citizen‘s personal data), must now implement measures to keep this data as safe as possible. This means that data protection measures need to be in place both within the company‘s systems (such as by encryption) and within the company‘s culture.

How GDPR Compliance Helps Protect Against Cyber Attacks

GDPR compliance or not, it always makes sense to take data privacy seriously. Part of complying with GDPR will actually help organisations protect themselves against cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are expensive. Even more expensive than paying those GDPR non compliance fines!

When organisations raise their cyber security awareness through active security culture and training, they minimize the threat of attacks. As a result they help safeguard the personal data they are legally obligated to protect under the GDPR laws.

Security training for GDPR compliance
For many companies, implementing a security culture falls onto the DPO‘s role but for others it is the responsibility of the HR or the IT department. Depending on the size of your organisation, resources to implement cyber security awareness training vary greatly but one thing is for certain: If you don‘t have the time or the money to implement security awareness training, you definitely do not have the time or the money to deal with a security breach, fines and loss of data.

Comply With GDPR in No-Time

Security Awareness TopicsWe’re here to help! AwareGO has created an easy to use cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) with high quality security awareness videos that you can start using right away. Adding users to the system is quick and easy and so is sending out security awareness campaigns. Admins can even plan the whole employee training for the year ahead.

Each training video is around 1 minute in length. This minimizes the interruption to your employees and keeps them focused throughout the whole training. We release two new awareness training videos a month on topics ranging from phishing and CEO scams to tailgating and unattended computers, and specifically how GDPR compliance helps organisations protect themselves against cyber attacks.

For small and medium businesses our LMS and security awareness training videos are available directly via our website and our prices are very compatible. You can become GDPR compliant in no time.

We believe in our product and we are dedicated to improve cyber security awareness for a safer workplace. That‘s why you can test our learning management system for free and send your employees two of our security awareness training videos as well.

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Ragnar Sigurðsson
3 min read ∙ May 16, 2019

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