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AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment Now Available for Channel Partners
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AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment Now Available for Channel Partners


San Antonio, TX — March 8, 2022 – Human cyber risk and awareness company AwareGO has announced that its Human Risk Assessment is now available to channel partners worldwide. The product  — which was created by cybersecurity experts, behavioral scientists, and interaction designers — provides continuous observation of top human cyberattack vectors. Furthermore, the product identifies vulnerable departments and roles, as well as offering insights for creating informed security strategies for companies that strengthen their overall cyber defense and significantly reduce cybersecurity risks.

The human risk factor is the most critical part of cybercrime prevention. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked or tackled with ineffective methods. Our platform is the first complete solution for identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risk factors across the full breadth of human attack vectors.

Ari Jonsson, CEO of AwareGO

Our product is designed to integrate with phishing simulation, attack surface management, SIEM, MSSP and LMS platforms. This enables our current and future cybersecurity service provider partners to expand their services and tap into a much larger market.” said Ari Jonsson, the CEO of AwareGO. “Our solution offers a new way for companies to address the role of employees in cybersecurity; an important element given that 85% of successful breaches are due to human errors. Doing so is critical for companies to reduce their cybersecurity risk significantly.”

Multiple industry leaders have already partnered with AwareGO and are delivering training content through their own platform or utilizing AwareGO’s platform as their own. “Companies struggle with low engagement and lack of interest when it comes to cybersecurity awareness training. AwareGO’s content improves engagement and takes less than 3 minutes weekly. Our clients love the variety,” says Allan Carey, VP of Business Development at Cofense.

With AwareGO, we’ve become a full-stack vulnerability management platform. We can better understand our clients’ risk exposure across technology and people.

Louise Burman, Partner Director at Outpost24

Why You Should Use AwareGo’s Human Risk Assessment

AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment allows companies to measure employees’ knowledge and behavior across several recognized threat vectors, including phishing, remote work, and passwords. By using Human Risk Assessment, organizations can both educate their employees better while also greatly reducing their cybersecurity risks.

AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment, was honored with Highly Commended distinction in the SC Awards Europe 2021 in the program’s Best Behavior Analytics/ Enterprise Threat Detection category. AwereGO’s unique product, the HRA, is able to measure the effectiveness of any cybersecurity training efforts. That also provides an overall assessment of the cyber resilience of a workforce. When combined with AwareGO’s training content and platform, our partners can close the circle with a single coherent solution – offering an immediate remedy for any issue that the HRA might identify. Currently, AwareGO’s microlearning content is available in 18 languages. 

AwareGO Human Risk Assessment is now available for partnering.

Employee at a computer taking a human risk assessment

About AwareGO

AwareGO is a global provider of human cyber risk and awareness solutions that help enterprises, and SMEs identify, quantify and remediate the human risk factor when it comes to cybersecurity. To date, AwareGO has successfully trained more than 8 million employees worldwide. Based in Iceland, the company has locations in the United States, Czech Republic, and Croatia. For more information, visit

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