Vanta and AwareGO – Unlock Seamless Security Compliance!

With the AwareGO and Vanta integration, you can automatically sync users between the two systems. No more manual updates or worrying about outdated information—just pure, seamless synchronization.

What the integration does:

With this integration, you can effortlessly sync the status of security compliance training from AwareGO to Vanta. This means you can easily monitor who has completed their training and who still needs a gentle nudge.

Understanding how well your team is grasping their security training is key to maintaining a strong security posture.

With the Human risk assessment based training suggestions, you can easily understand who needs training and what training should be assigned to each employee. Don’t train employees on what you can see they already know. Train them where they need to be trained. Results from HRA are only available in AwareGO platform currently.