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The Languages of Security Awareness Training
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The Languages of Security Awareness Training

Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir
2 min read ∙ Feb 11, 2021

Being able to offer security awareness training to people in their own language is important. That’s why we have been striving towards increasing the number of languages for our security awareness training platform. In the last few months, we’ve added three new languages and have even more coming up on the roadmap.


Nordic Languages for Cybersecurity Training

Due to AwareGO being an Icelandic company we wanted to be able to offer our content to all of Scandinavia. It keeps us close to our Nordic roots. We recently added Finnish and Swedish to our portfolio of languages.

We now have localized security awareness training content for all the Nordic countries with over 300.000 residents: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

European Languages for Cybersecurity Training

Europe has so many languages and it will take us some time to cater to every European country but that doesn’t mean we won’t give it our all. Dutch was recently added to our portfolio as the Netherlands are an important technological hub.

We also offer German, French and Spanish (Castilian) and in addition to that we offer Polish and Chinese Mandarin subtitles to all our videos. We are working on more languages as we speak.


Cybersecurity training in plain English

AwareGO’s number one language is US English. We communicate, produce, and write all our content in English first. To cater to our clients in the United Kingdom we have all our training materials localized into UK English, even our voice overs.

Upcoming Languages for Security Awareness Training

Our list of upcoming languages keeps getting longer and we are now working on several exciting new languages for our security Awareness Training content. These are:

  • Chinese Mandarin – March 2021
  • Russian – March 2021
  • Filipino (Tagalog) – April 2021
  • Polish – April 2021
  • Vietnamese – May 2021
  • Malaysian – May 2021

Languages that are on our radar for localizations in 2021:

  • Arabic
  • Czech
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese

Get ready to train your employees in a language they understand. Prepare by signing up for our free trial where you can see our training content, test our training platform and get familiar with the AwareGO method.

Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir
2 min read ∙ Feb 11, 2021

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