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Modern Cyber Security Awareness Training Through Slack and Teams
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Modern Cyber Security Awareness Training Through Slack and Teams

Sindri Bergmann
5 min read ∙ Jun 30, 2020

AwareGO’s new learning management software (LMS) is in constant development. It was designed to be able to communicate with other software with ease. Many of our customers have embraced modern technology to its full extent. They already use some of the most popular collaboration tools, such as Teams, Slack and SharePoint for their business.

We wanted to be able to support their, as well as all future client’s, SAT efforts where their employees are at. This meant being able to offer a modern method of delivery through sophisticated communication software. Our clients can now carry out their AwareGO cyber security awareness training through Slack and Teams.

Screenshot showing AwareGO's cyber security awareness training through Slack

Cyber Security Solutions for a Remote Workforce

Modern organization have more employees working remotely than ever before. Communications between employees are getting more and more agile. Because workplaces now have state of the art communication software and team collaboration platforms like Slack, SharePoint and Teams, collaboration is easier and faster. So why should regular cyber security awareness training be any different?

As a default the AwareGO platform delivers training modules through email. For the past 20 years email has been the most important mode of communication for the workplace. It will probably continue to play a key role for years to come but this is changing fast.

We knew we had to help organizations deliver the cyber security awareness message through other means. Therefore we designed our platform in a way that it could be integrated with other communication software. We now offer our cyber security awareness training through Teams, Slack and SharePoint and are constantly working on further integrations.

Slack Integration for All Generations

Millennials now make up the biggest part of the workforce. Generation Z (anyone born after 1995) is following fast on their heels. These two generations grew up with technology and both have short attention spans (8-12 seconds). What this means is that they have a sophisticated filter that comes from growing up surrounded by a deluge of information. They can quickly decide what interests them and what doesn’t. We only have a few seconds to secure their interest. If their interest is piqued, they can focus long enough to do in-depth research on any topic.

This is why AwareGO offers cyber security awareness training through bite-sized micro-learning cybersecurity videos, flavored with a dash of humor, delivered through Slack, Teams or integrated into the learning management system of your choice through Scorm files or vimeo links. It speaks to this demographic specifically without excluding other generations.

Millennial using messaging app such as Slack. AwareGO offers cyber security awareness training through Slack.

Millennials and Gen Z (aka Zennials) like and use modern technology, such as social media and messaging apps, more than any other generation. As the workforce gets younger, it will become increasingly important for organizations to meet their employees where they’re at. To embrace and implement the technology that they use.

Instant Messaging for a Faster Response

Business chat apps such as Slack, MS Teams and Facebook for Work will continue to threaten email’s dominance. Especially when it comes to internal communications. Unlike email, instant messaging tends to elicit a faster response. Plus, chat apps have youth on their side. They will continue to work side by side for years to come. This is why AwareGO will continue to offer cyber security awareness training through Slack, Teams and other communication software as well as email. Furthermore, we’ll continue to make our platform and content compatible with other learning management systems through Scorm and further integrations.

The chief benefit of messaging apps like Slack and MS Teams is the real-time messaging and file sharing. Employees don’t have to stop other work to write an email. Everything can be delivered through the chat. Another benefit of this modern communication is the ability to send instant messages to large groups. And the replies won’t fill your inbox. This is exactly what the evolving culture of modern workplaces wants.

AwareGO's Slack integration logo. Companies can do cyber security awareness training through Slack.

Improved Communications

It’s not just brand-new start-ups that are using Slack. 65 of Fortune 100 companies are already using it and more are probably using Teams. Business messaging apps have many advantages over email. One of the most important one is that they encourage brevity. Messages tend to be succinct. Today 2,000 apps are available on the Slack app directory and over 700 for MS Teams. Over 12 million people use Slack daily from over 600,000 organizations. Teams has over 270 million active monthly users. The average time a user spends working via Slack is 90 minutes. Due to its popular meeting function the time spent on MS Teams is even higher. This means that if you have an important company-wide announcement to make, using Slack or Teams channels will ensure that it will reach your employees.

We believe cyber security awareness training is important. Being able to deliver security messages quickly and with ease will help create a strong security culture. Delivering cyber security awareness training through Slack or Teams is one of the ways to do that.

How Does Cyber Security Awareness Training Through Slack Work?

With AwareGo’s Slack integration, you can deliver the online cyber security awareness training through Slack directly to your employees. The lessons, or modules, are delivered where everything happens, on Slack. And just like Slack, AwareGO’s training is designed to work great both on desktop and mobile.

Because attention spans are short and time is money, AwareGO’s lessons are short and easy to digest. They increase knowledge retention and help you create a strong security culture among employees. Everybody has 1-2 minutes to spend on cyber security awareness training and reducing cyber risk at the workplace.

Animated photo showing how you connect AwareGO and Slack account to deliver cyber security awareness training through Slack.

To start your cyber security awareness training through Slack make sure you have a Slack account and an AwareGO account. Sign in to your AwareGO account, select “Settings” and then select “Integrations” in the sidebar menu. Click on the “Connect” button for Slack and from there you’ll be guided on to allow AwareGO’s LMS to send automated messages to your employees. You can find more detailed information on AwareGO’s Knowledge Base.

Try AwareGO’s platform out for free

When you sign up for a free trial you will get access to all of AwareGO’s training videos, Human Risk Assessments and of course the platform. You can see if this solution works for your organization before you make a commitment.

Sindri Bergmann
5 min read ∙ Jun 30, 2020

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