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Phishing Cyber Crime: School of Phish Is Now In Session
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Phishing Cyber Crime: School of Phish Is Now In Session

Sindri Bergmann
2 min read ∙ Dec 16, 2021

AwareGO’s School of Phish helps us say farewell to phishing cyber crime through awareness and education. Let’s make 2022 the year phishing stopped working.

Phishing cyber crime attacks have been on the rise in 2021. This is unfortunate since phishing emails are the number one entry point for hackers into vulnerable computer systems or data access points. This is why AwareGO’s year-long awareness campaign will focus on phishing cyber crime and how to recognize and avoid phishing scams. We are happy to declare war on phishing. To do that we’ve created AwareGO’s School of PhishA monthly spotlight on the most common phishing schemes. It takes you from Phishing 101 and beyond. You won’t be fooled by phishing cyber crime anytime soon.

AwareGO's School of Phish - A monthly spotlight on the most common phishing cyber crime schemes guidebook.

The Phishing Pond is Getting Bigger

Cybercriminals are getting better at creating targeted and believable phishing cyber crime attacks. Even the most vigilant among us can fall for it. Better machine translations open up more geographic and linguistic areas for the hackers, creating a bigger pond to phish for victims. Furthermore, cybercriminals are also becoming keen marketers. They use seasonal topics for their phishing attempts, tailoring them to what is happening around us for maximum effect.

One of the best ways to prevent phishing cyber crimes is through knowledge and awareness. AwareGO’s School of Phish helps raise awareness on what kind of phishing scams are in season for each month of the year. 

Phishing cyber crime. Picture from AwareGO's School of Phish. Grey background with the words Think before you click in big letters. In smaller letters are three tips. 1 Inspect the sender's address. 2 check the spelling and grammar. 3 review the URL before you click.

Welcome to the School of Phish

AwareGO’s School of Phish is a versatile guide. Security and HR professionals alike can use it internally to raise awareness. Each month presents different phishing situations. These can be specific tactics for the seasons or general, starting with the basics. We’ve set many of the pages up to be easily printable for the notice board and will send those who sign up short, monthly reminders from the guide. That way you’ll always now what kind of phish is in season.

To get the AwareGO’s School of Phish guide for free you can sign up here

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Sign up for our free guide to phishing. We’re all in this together so let’s stop phishing once and for all.

Sindri Bergmann
2 min read ∙ Dec 16, 2021

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