Personal USB drives

If you need to move data between your home and your workplace, make sure you aren’t doing it in an unsecured way. Your home computer may not have the same security measures as your work computer and therefore is more likely to get infected with malware.

At work, firewalls and malware detectors might be in place to protect the equipment. But if you connect a USB drive or a portable hard drive to an infected computer at home and then take it into your workplace, you could infect the entire network. You may not even realize that it is happening until it’s too late.

You can make your home computer safer by installing firewalls and anti-virus software. But the safest method to avoid bringing infected drives into work is to use verified cloud solutions instead. Only use cloud solutions that have been greenlit by your workplace to work on documents from home. Don’t use your personal cloud storage or email to work on documents as the risk of data leaks is very high.