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Introducing the world‘s simplest security awareness training platform
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Introducing the world‘s simplest security awareness training platform

Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir
2 min read ∙ Oct 15, 2019

Our focus has always been one of simplicity, ease of access and, time-saving. That‘s why our security awareness videos are short and our LMS platform simple to use. That‘s also why we offer a complete self service for our customers, if that‘s what they choose. We believe it’s the simplest security awareness training platform available today.


We have now launched a new LMS platform for our clients that is even simpler to use than before. Through vigorous testing and conversations with our clients we’ve designed a sleek LMS for security training deputies (be they CISOs, DPOs or part of the HR team) to use for employee training. You can try  out Cybersecurity Awareness Training for free and without commitment!

Our security awareness training videos are still there, still of the highest quality, with short, easy to remember lessons that stick and only take a minute of the employee’s time.

Here’s what’s new

  • The overall LMS platform has a sleek new look that’s easy to navigate and understand for both admins and employees. It’s also mobile friendly for those who want to take their training on the go.
  • We’ve added a new wizard that makes creating new training programs both fast and easy. It also includes ready made training programs divided into several categories, such as Password handling, Out of Office, Email, Healt Care and Finance, to name a few.Screenshot from AwareGO Learning Management system showing creation of security awareness training program
  • Training programs containing several topics can be sent out to recipients all at once or spread automatically over several weeks.
  • The new LMS platform gives admins a better view of how the training is going over all and also by individual users.Screenshot from AwareGO security awareness training LMS platform showing training statistics
  • Admins can look at employee scores unrelated to which training programs they’ve received. They can also send out reminders to employees who have not participated in the training.
  • The employee view has been drastically changed and is now easier to navigate.
  • The report system has been updated and can now be downloaded as a PDF which can be handy to take into update meetings.Screenshot from AwareGO LMS security awareness platform showing a statistics report

As before our security awareness training solution can be implemented into any enterprise platform quickly and effectively.

Go check out the world’s simplest security awareness training platform for free and be on your way to a more secure business and building a sustainable security culture within your company.

Guðrún Vaka Helgadóttir
2 min read ∙ Oct 15, 2019

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