Security Awareness Training

Most likely you were taught the dangers of traffic early in life. Things like not running on the street and looking both ways before you cross it. It may not have made sense to you then, after all, as children many of us felt that rules spoiled our fun too much. We weren‘t really worried about safety.

Later in life many of us learned to drive a car. This meant more rules and procedures we had to follow. Signal lights, seat belts, stopping at a red light, not driving too fast etc. We know that if we follow these rules, traffic will be safer for us and everyone else. Despite being constantly reminded of these rules and knowing the dangers of driving, accidents can still happen. We forget ourselves only for a moment, or someone else does and we get caught up in it. Every day we head out knowing the risk and doing everything we can to avoid it.

Cyber security awareness is much like driving. The cyber space can be dangerous and full of traps. This is mostly due to hackers and spies who want to get their hand on data or information in the hopes of exchanging it for cash. If not by selling it to others then by holding it ransom and getting you or your workplace to pay to have it back. This helps them fund all sorts of other nefarious affairs.

To navigate the Internet more safely we need to learn the rules and procedures that keep us safe. The more we know about the risks the better we get at avoiding them. This is why your workplace wants you to learn about cyber security. Not to create a new IT expert but to help you navigate the Internet safely and protect valuable or sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. The more you know about the risks, the more safely you can navigate the cyber space.

Key takeaways:

  • Security awareness training teaches the rules and risks of the Internet
  • When we are aware of the risks and best practices, we are less likely to get into trouble
  • Security awareness training makes us safer online, and helps us protect sensitive data and systems from cyber attacks

How to get started

You and your employees are going to love AwareGO. It’s a modern, cloud-based system for managing human risk, from assessment to remediation. We’ve made it super easy — schedule your first assessment or training in minutes.

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You’ll love the way AwareGO can fit into your existing infrastructure. Our robust APIs, widgets, and content available in SCORM format make sure that the integration is seamless. We also integrate with Active Directory, Google Workspace, and popular tools like Slack and Teams.

Contact us and our experts will recommend the best way to integrate.

Upgrade your cybersecurity business by adding human risk management to your existing portfolio of services. Increase your deal size by leveraging Human Risk Assessment or offering Security Awareness Training to your current customers and creating a new revenue stream.

Contact us to become an AwareGO partner, and we will support you every step of the way.

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