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7 Tips For Conducting Annual Security Awareness Training for Remote and Hybrid T...
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7 Tips For Conducting Annual Security Awareness Training for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Svjetlana Vukic
4 min read ∙ Apr 3, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in remote and hybrid work arrangements, which presents unique challenges for businesses conducting annual security awareness training. With employees working from home or in a combination of on-site and remote environments, traditional training methods may no longer be effective. Here are some tips for conducting annual security awareness training for remote and hybrid teams:

1. Use an online training platform

Digital training tools, such as e-learning platforms and video conferencing software, can help facilitate remote training sessions. These tools allow trainers to deliver engaging content, conduct quizzes and assessments, and track employee progress. AwareGO provides a comprehensive cyber security awareness program with engaging cybersecurity awareness videos, human risk assessments, and dashboards to track the progress of individuals and teams.

2. Tailor training to the work environment

Training content for remote and hybrid teams should be tailored to the specific work environment. For example, employees working from home may need training on securing their home Wi-Fi network, while employees working on-site may require training on securing physical assets

3. Emphasize cybersecurity best practices

Cybersecurity best practices, such as using strong passwords, avoiding phishing scams, and encrypting sensitive data, should be emphasized in annual security awareness training for remote and hybrid teams. These best practices are essential for preventing cyber threats, regardless of the work environment.

4. Incorporate real-world scenarios

Incorporating real-world scenarios into training sessions can help employees understand the importance of security awareness in a practical context. For example, employees may be presented with a scenario where they receive a suspicious email and must decide whether to click on a link or report it to their IT department. With AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment, you can conduct phishing assessments in a safe, no-blame no-shame environment with realistic and personalized scenarios. 

5. Make annual security awareness training accessible through apps your employees use everyday

Offering a flexible schedule for training sessions can accommodate employees working in different time zones or with varying schedules.

AwareGO provides curated bite-sized cybersecurity awareness videos to help employees stay engaged with their training. The program can be sent via Slack or Teams and can be completed directly in those apps on mobile devices, so employees can even do training on their smartphones during a public commute. 

6. Encourage employee participation

Encouraging employee participation in annual security awareness training is critical to its success. Providing incentives for individuals or teams, such as gift cards or recognition, can motivate employees to participate and complete training modules. AwareGO issues certificates of completion for each employee that successfully completes the training.

7. Follow up with additional resources

After the training session, follow up with additional resources, such as cybersecurity guides or best practice checklists, to reinforce the concepts covered in the training session. The AwareGo Blog shares new cybersecurity tips, videos, and best practices every month that you can apply to your daily work life.

In conclusion, conducting annual security awareness training for remote and hybrid teams requires a flexible and adaptable approach. By utilizing digital training tools, tailoring training to the work environment, emphasizing best practices, incorporating real-world scenarios, offering multiple training sessions, encouraging employee participation, and following up with additional resources, businesses can help ensure that their remote and hybrid teams are aware of the potential risks and consequences of security breaches and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to prevent them.

AwareGO provides curated bite-sized security awareness videos, a Human Risk Assessment, and a cloud-based learning management system to deliver content quickly and get insight on the progress. We have curated ready-made programs for multiple subjects, including strong passwords and remote work.

We offer a free trial of our security awareness training (no credit card or commitment needed) where you can take a look at all our videos and ready-made programs , with free videos, to find out if our security awareness training and risk assessment fit your needs.

Svjetlana Vukic
4 min read ∙ Apr 3, 2023

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